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BORN : JULY 1986 | HEIGHT : 5' 8"




EMAIL :- ashah9194@gmail.com


I'm a 26 year old doctor from Pune, doing Surgery residency at a reputed government medical college in Mumbai looking for meaningful companionship. I cook pretty well, have a keen interest in cars and tech and love an occasional long drive. I'm born to doctor parents, have a younger brother and my family is the most important thing to me! I am a Gujarati Digambar Jain/Vaishnav, and I speak Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and English quite fluently. I'm 5'7" and looking for a PARTNER in life, an equal in all senses. A social person who shares my love for family, recognises basic Indian values and binds people together. If I'm the one you're looking for, kindly reach out to us on drbelagandhi@gmail.com


We are a well Reputed Gujarati Jain Shwetamber Business Family based in Mumbai. Looking for a suitable match for our son, born on 31.10.1995, Height 5'7".
Our son has completed his B.Tech (Civil) from Mukesh Patel, Juhu., MBA.Tech (Real Estate) From Mukesh Patel, Juhu. & Msc. International Business & Management from university of Westminster, London.
He is an ambitious, smart, handsome boy who has a keen interest in traveling, listening music and love to play cricket. He is extremely hard working and is taking care of the family business.
We are looking for well- educated with a balance of professional career & cultured girl who believes in family values (Horoscope preferred).
If interested kindly reach out on dpsjds09@gmail.com


I'm a kind, calm and an Entrepreneur by profession and an Engineer by degree. I love music, hiking, fitness and learning new things like paragliding, pottery or painting (even though I'm very bad at it).
I am born and brought up in Bombay and Marwadi Brahmin by caste. (I don't believe in caste and I'm open to any religion/caste). I live along with my parents and have a younger sibling in the US.
I am smart (I'd like to believe so), calm, passionate, ambitious and hardworking. I'm 1989 born, 6'1" (height is a mandatory requirement) and I like to stay fit.
I'm looking for someone who is passionate about life, is into fitness, and hardworking and has some common interests so we can entertain ourselves for the rest of our lives. Contact: marriagedsav@gmail.com


I'm a Team Lead at PayPal in Austin, Texas and a Master in Computer Science by degree. I play the guitar, love playing football on the field and on the PlayStation and love to spend my time relaxing indoors.
I am born and brought up in Bombay and Marwadi Brahmin by caste. I'm open to any religion/caste. I live alone in Austin, Texas and my parents and elder brother live in Bombay.
I am smart, independent, and hardworking. I'm 1994 born, 6'1" and active (I regularly play football)
I'm looking for someone who is kind, sweet, shares similar values in life as me and is open to settling in America. Contact: Marriageads6589@gmail.com


Gujarati Vaishnav residing in Ghatkopar, Son is Dec 1990 born. 5'10", slim, fair and athletic.
Completed his chemical engineering from UDCT and MBA from ISB. Brother finished his MS(CS) and now working at MNC in USA. Father IITian working in the software industry.
Worked with multiple MNCs in India and is now in Dubai firm as an logistics analyst.
Looking for a kind, caring and compassionate life partner, flexible with living in Dubai/India. She should be independent, career of her own and interests that she is passionate about.


We are a well cultured family, with a progressive outlook & strong family bond.
We are Vaishnav by religion, seeking alliance for our son from a well-educated and cultured girl.
Name – Darshil Yatin Shah
DOB – 11/10/1992
Height: 6.2"
Education: B.E. - Information Technology, India MS in Information Systems and Operations Management, Florida US.
Occupation: Senior Technical Support Engineer at Salesforce, Calgary, Alberta.
He is humble, down to earth and family orientated.
We prefer a girl who is a green card holder or a US citizen, Canada PR holder or citizen. Contact: dr.pannashah@gmail.com


DOB: 04/05/1994
Height: 5'9"
We are a well Reputed Jain Business Family based in Mumbai.
Our son has completed his MSc. Business Finance from UK and is currently a Director in his own Chemical Manufacturing Company in Gujarat with its HO in Mumbai. He is issueless Divorcee, He is well travelled, kind and ambitious and family oriented. Hobbies include Fitness activities, Music, Movies, Watching Sports and experimental gardening.
He seeks a suitable life partner who is outgoing, well qualified and looking to grow together in a loving & caring family.
Has a younger brother who is currently working in Ireland. Contact: gsid04@gmail.com


My Feb 1994 born son has completed his graduation in civil engineering from Edinburgh UK and Masters in Construction Management from Loughborough university Uk.He has also represented his university at Stanford university USA. He is currently working at Manchester UK We are Ahmedabad based business oriented vaishnav family.
Seeking alliance for my fair handsome and well educated son who wishes to settle in UK.
Pls contact shahmatrimony7@gmail.com


We are a well cultured progressive outlook Vaishnav family with strong family bond based in western suburbs ,Mumbai seeking alliance for our son (issueless divorcee - mutual).
Born - March 1993. Height: 5'10"
Education: MBA and CFA completed
Profession: working in fintech firm as a VP
He's humble , kind ,down to earth ,family oriented and well read. He's looking for a partner who's well educated, smart and loving with high family values.
Interested families from india or abroad can contact us Email: kkonnect1993@gmail.com


DOB – 02/09/1994
Height – 5.11"
Education – M.Com, ACA
Parents – Father & Mother Chartered Accountant
Siblings - No
We are a nuclear Gujarati Vaishnav Vanik family (Vegetarian) based in South Mumbai (Altamount road).
We have our own Professional firm in Mumbai, and offices in Ahmedabad and Bangalore as well.
Our son is a qualified chartered accountant, ambitious and sophisticated person.
We are looking for well-educated & cultured girl who believes in family values.
If interested kindly reach out on knsshaadi@gmail.com


We are a well settled, affluent and cultured Gujarati - Jain business family based in London, Singapore & Bangkok, who seek a suitable match for our son.
Personal Detail: Did Bachelor and master’s In business from London, 1992 Born, Handsome, Fair & Height 5'Ft 10", Pleasant and cheerful Personality, Very family oriented vegetarian, Non- Smoker & Non- Alcoholic, currently working in our family business, seeking Gujarati - Vaishnav - Jain girl with well cultured background.
Contact: Interested family kindly contact us at e mail: ssswatishah@gmail.com


We are a well cultured Gujarati Vaishnav Vanik family residing in USA since 2003. We are looking for a suitable bride for our Son who is having American Citizenship. He is good looking, down to earth, caring, family oriented, humble, and well spoken.
Born: 17th December 1988
Height: 5 ft 3 in.
Education: BSc with Finance major
Profession: Family business in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Pl write to us on vkshah1959@gmail.com


We are a Mumbai based family looking for a match for my son.
He is September 1992 born
Education: electronics engineering from D.J Sanghvi, Vile Parle, Mumbai
Caste: Deravasi Jain
Currently working as a proprietor for his own entertainment business and also working with his father in his copper business in Mumbai. He enjoys travelling, playing tennis and dancing & is social by nature. He seeks a partner who is an open minded individual, down to earth, has strong family values someone with whom he can be himself, share ups and downs, have endless conversations, explore places and create a healthy understanding. Email id: dinikashah@gmail.com


I am a 38-year-old, 5'5" tall, US permanent resident from a Gujarati Kshatriya family currently based in New Jersey, USA. I work as a pharmaceutical researcher in a fortune 500 company. My hobbies include watching movies, reading, travelling, networking and participating in Hindu activities. My diet is occasionally non-vegetarian and I enjoy various cuisines. I am issueless divorcee. I am looking for a life partner who is respectful, family oriented, and well educated. She should be a resident of USA. Direct email: njboymeetsgirl@gmail.com


Hi We are a reputed, well established gujrati leva Patel family settled in Nashik Maharashtra. We have a well settled business from last 40 Years in real estate and construction. My son is November 1995 born, 5'11", have done his Bachelor's in civil engineering from Nmims University Mumbai , and masters in international business management from Queen Mary University of London . He,s totalling into his family business and is now well settled. I describe him as a kind -hearted and well mannered person. He loves playing sports and travelling to new places . He's looking for a partner who would be understanding and adjustable in every phase of life . He's looking for a partner from a business background. Feel free to contact me on my email: sadhanapatel414@gmail.com


Mehul is a Chartered Accountant by Profession and has done LLB from K C College,Mumbai as well. He has worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers (A big4 global firm) in Corporate and International Taxation department for six years and started his entrepreneurial journey in October 2018 by extending his father's Income tax practice.
DOB - 15 December 1989
Height - 5"8
In his leisure time, he likes playing cricket, snooker and other sports, watching movies, listening music, shopping, traveling and reading.
Ours is a nuclear family with basic jainism values and practical approach to life. We are looking for a suitable smart girl (age around 28-29 yrs) looking to settle now in Mumbai. We are open to any jain girl (be it Marwari or Gujarati).contact: msbaldia@yahoo.com


Kutchi Jain, Born - June 5th, 1996, 6',
I am ambitious, hard-working individual who loves my work, my friends, and my family. I was born in Columbus, Ohio, USA and still live here. I studied Supply Chain and Statistics in Purdue University and worked at IBM.
I now have a start-up of my own.
I love my work but also have lots of friends.
I enjoy traveling and listening to Hindi and English music. Watching ESPN for all sports has been my favorite pastime, since I was young! My new interest is in listening to Business podcasts.
I have grown up in a very closely-knitted family where we all speak our minds and will do anything for each other. I have learned to love my work from my dad and be generous and compassionate from my mom. I have one younger brother and cousins in US and India. I love my families in India and visit them very often.
I am looking for a girl who is already in US, either growing up or has been here for few years of studies. Must be intelligent, curious and care for my family, friends and cousins.
Please reach out at hitenshah1970@gmail.com


We are well settled Gujarati family from Mumbai ( Andheri West).
Our son is January 1994 born and his height is 5’10 ft.
Career wise he is into family business from past 9 years.
We have diamond trading and manufacturing business and our manufacturing unit is in Gujarat and office is in BKC Bandra.
Seeking for girl who is well educated ,calm ,understanding and who has good family values.
Email us on :- helping343@gmail.com


DOB - 03.07.1993
Height - 6 ft
Weight - 80 kgs
Qualification - B.Com (H), Shri Ram College of Commerce | PGCFBM, IIM Calcutta
We are a nuclear Gujarati Jain family based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
We are a well settled, affluent and cultured family.
Our son is an extremely ambitious, smart, handsome boy who has a keen interests in sports, food and fitness. His passion for animals and spiritual learning keeps him grounded at all times. He is extremely hard working and is taking care of the family business.
We are looking for a smart, well educated and humble girl hailing from a cultured Gujarati family.
Please send your bio datas on dkayb1702@gmail.com


I was born in Connecticut and raised in Delaware with values and respect for both cultures. Recently, I graduated from the MBA program in Strategic Leadership at University of Delaware. Currently I work at a Fortune 500 Company in a Finance and Banking profession.
I am 1989 born with height 5'9".
I like to watch movies and Netflix, read books, travel the world and meet new people. Also, I like to do yoga and meditation.
Friends say my qualities are: honest, trust-worthy, funny, caring, and patient. I respect my elders. I am looking forward to meeting a life partner who is values honesty and integrity as qualities. I prefer someone well educated with a balance of professional career as well as valuing relations and moral values.
Direct email: soham.gandhi@gmail.com


We are a Pune based Gujrati Vaishnav family looking for a suitable life partner for our son working in a reputed company in Bay Area, California as a quantitative Analyst.
DOB-24/01/1995. Height- 6'2" Education- BE in Computer Science(Pune) MS in Business Analysis (Dallas)
He is a fair-complexed,vegetarian,non smoker/ non drinker and holds high family values.He is a sports enthusiast and has keen interest in astrophysics.
We are looking for a vegetarian,well educated,professional girl who is based in the US or ready to relocate and holds similar values.
Horoscope preferred. Interested families contact on priyabshah@hotmail.com


Kushang is a 33-year-old based in Lusaka, Zambia. He has a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nottingham which he passed with a distinction. He is self-employed and runs a chemical manufacturing plant. Kushang enjoys keeping both mentally and physically fit, and spends his free time strength training, running & reading. He is also an avid movie buff and enjoys watching television. He would like to have a partner who is intellectually inquisitive, self aware and believes in working together as a team. To connect reach out on: kushang.z.desai@gmail.com


We are a well-settled Brahmin family from Vadodara, Gujarat. Our son is working currently in Austin, USA as an Engineer at Oracle.
Born: 08/02/1997
Height: 5' 10"
Education: Masters in Computer science from New York University.
Father: Forest Officer, Gujarat State Government.
Seeking: Looking for a fair, well-educated, understanding, career-oriented girl who believes in family values and who is kind, warm, and caring.Residing in USA/India
Contact: Please get in touch at pandyanilesh1966@gmail.com


I am from a well established Gujarati Vaishnav family based in Mumbai
DOB-17th September 1992
Education - BMS Bachelors of Management Studies
LLB Bachelors of Law
FMBA Family Managed Business Administration
Profession -Business of Manufacturing sports goods and Cosmetics
Height - 5'10"
Hobbies - Travelling , Music , Sports
Siblings- 1 elder sister ( Married)
Parents - Father is an Industrialist , multiple business & real estate , Mother is a homemaker
Looking for a life partner who is ambitious , polite and caring
Contact : gtc1709@gmail.com


We are Brahmin-Brahmakshatriyas from Mumbai. My son is 30, Engineering and management graduate, educated in College Station-USA and Doha-Qatar (Texas A&M University) and DUBAI (S P Jain School of Global Management) in 2016. He is working as Digital Marketing Manager in MNC in Dubai for 6 years. We are looking for a professionally qualified match. He has applied for Canadian PR and intend to move to Canada by 2023. We are a liberal family. I am a NRI working in Qatar. If you are interested to pursue the conversation further, please contact us at Jaydesai65@gmail.com


I am a South Mumbai 1978-born engineer, 6 feet tall, an appealing personality, completed USA MS degree, and a Ph.D. in progress in Electrical & Computer Engineering, son of reputed High Court Lawayer and woman entrepreneur mother, brother of established MD physician looking for an attractive tall and slim partner who is open to veg/non-veg food options. My ideal partner should be from an educated family, have at least a Bachelor's or Master's degree from the USA, Canada, UK, or Australia, be talkative, and live wire with an entrepreneurial spirit. Someone easy to exchange ideas and understanding with. If you match this description, let's build a beautiful future together! Email: marrymespp@gmail.com


We are, Vaishnav, educated family in Mumbai. Our son Karan,Born on 29/12/1993,5’9”, 73kgs,is soft spoken,respectful,caring settled in Melbourne.MS research(Biotech and Nanotech)from Deakin University,Visharad in tabla and vocal,working as quality control manager with a brewery. He was judged Student of the year 2014.
We are from Borivali, Father is on job and having side business and mother is an estate consultant. We are looking for a girl, educated, soft spoken and respectful and ready to relocate to Australia.
Please contact srk.162929@gmail.com


Looking for a dynamic individual who compliments me in my broad minded outlook.
About me: Born in May 1995, I am 27 years old (Height 5’6) and come from a close knit gujrati family. I have completed my Masters in Finance as well as done an MBA from Toronto, Canada. Presently living and working in Manchester-UK as a Microsoft Dynamics consultant for a Microsoft Partner company.
Hobbies: Love to travel and explore new places and cuisines. Regular fitness and outdoor activities like hiking, running, crossfit, sports etc. Also passionate about music (play the guitar) and love watching movies in my free time.
Looking for a girl who is adaptive, open minded and who is well educated with a modern outlook to life and open to settling in the UK.
Please send biodata to mihir.maroo@gmail.com


DOB - 16th Aug 1993
Height / Weight - 170 cms / 70kgs
Blood Group - A+ve
We are a Gujarati Digambar Jain family based out of Pune. Our family can be classified as a well settled & cultured family with liberal values.
Our son was born and brought up in Pune but has been living in Mumbai for the last 4 years now and plans to settle in Mumbai itself.
He has completed his Chartered Accountancy & CFA (USA) and currently works in the Equity Investment space with one of India's largest institutional investors.
We are looking for a smart, well-educated & a cultured girl with liberal values for our son. E-mail - achalphade@gmail.com


Well-reputed, affluent Gujarati Vaishnav family residing in posh locality of Ahmedabad invites proposals for their smart, focused & handsome unmarried son (no brothers and sisters). Born in 1984, he is very flexible, entrepreneurial and has very stable & roaring technology enterprise. After pursuing B.Pharmacy & Project Management from IIT-Delhi, he is passionately & independently managing his own well-established Software Technology business with operations across US, Europe and Asia. Ours is cultured, liberal and well respected family with flourishing business. We are looking for smart, well educated & cultured girl hailing from reputed Gujarati family. Email: cmmi.infotech@gmail.com


I am looking for a dynamic, open minded individual who compliments me in my extroverted and broad minded outlook.
About me:
I am 42 years old, with a MBA from Toronto, Canada. Height:- 5 feet 8.
Gujarati Vaishanav.
Presently working in a dynamic asset management industry in Mumbai, with close to 2 decades of work in the financial services space.
Movies, documentaries and auto-biographies do interest me. Traveling and being extroverted is my second nature.
Looking for a woman who is adaptive, open minded and one who looks at life with its ups and downs and is a good listener and mature in thinking.
Ours is a close knit family. Contact: aalok_m@hotmail.com


We are nuclear, business Gujarati jain family with liberal values living in Mumbai. Our son is born in 1993 height is 6'3" and is handsome with very pleasing personality. He did his B. Tech and M.Tech from IIT Bombay and is also CFA (USA) Charter Holder of CFA Institute. He is currently working as Vice President, Client Portfolio Manager with a reputed Multinational Financial Services Company in Bangalore. We do not follow strict Jain rituals and have vegetarian non-jain food habits. We are looking for well-educated career oriented girl. Our Mail id: raje3108@gmail.com


We are a Pareek, Rajasthani Marwari family (Kashyap) with Liberal values and modern thinking. Akash believes in balancing modern thinking with family values. He is well travelled and has been to 25 countries till now.
Family: Father is EVP, Ajanta Pharmaceuticals, Mother and younger brother based out of Aurangabad (Maharashtra)
Birthdate: 06.06.1991
Height: 5'9"
Occupation: Product Manager (IT Company)
Location: Bangalore, Moving to Canada as a PR (granted)
Education: Masters in Urban Design, ETH Zurich Switzerland. B.Arch, KRVIA, Mumbai
Partner preferences: Bachelor/Masters from reputed universities residing in prominent cities of India/Canada. Vegetarian.
Interested like-minded family, contact at jagdishjoshi.jdj@gmail.com


We are Gujarati Jain family living in JVPD Juhu, our son is born in 1982 and height is 5’10” and has got his BBA from New York. He is currently living in Mumbai and likes to travel, do adventure sports, is a certified padi diver. ( Vegetarian )He has his own business in USA and India. He’s got a mutual consent divorce as of October 2022 and has an 8 year old daughter who lives with his Ex in USA. Looking for someone fun, sociable, and well travelled girl! Contact: koolkaydizzy@gmail.com


We are a well cultured, well established, South Mumbai based, Gujarati-Vaishnav family who seek a suitable match for our Son.
Personal Details: 1996 born, Handsome, fair, fit, 6 Ft, 74 Kgs, pleasant and cheerful personality.
Very family oriented. Well-travelled and enjoys sports, music, and art. A Vegetarian, non-smoker and non-alcoholic.
Work: An Architect. Currently working in an established company, is also a Director in our family business of Building Construction in Mumbai.
Seeking: Gujarati Vaishnav/Jain girl with a well-cultured background.
Contact: Interested families, kindly contact us at srksonie@gmail.com with the girl's full bio-data.


We are a well settled, affluent and cultured Gujarati - Jain business family from Mumbai.
Our businesses include Manpower, Security, Land and Properties.
We are seeking an alliance for my Son.
About him : He is 6 ft tall, handsome, funny, witty, affable, stylish and charming.
His DOB : 19.09.1990 , Place : Mumbai. Time : 18.03 hrs.
He has done his Banking & Finance from LSE & PGDM in Painting from Angel academy of Arts - Florence , Italy.
Painting is his passion and he is doing some wonderful work in contemporary art.
His interests include music, travelling ( backpacking), nature trails, pets, food, movies ( scary, action & comedies), cars etc other than painting.
He has his own independent world class Design Studio - "Art House Expedition".
He is very kind hearted, humble, passionate and grounded person.
No Sibling.
We are seeking a beautiful, charming and happy Girl as his soulmate. Kindly reach out on email: happysoulmate1990@gmail.com


My son (19/12/1990, 5'-8", Gujarati, Hindu, Vaishnav) is residing in Jersey City, USA and working in a well-known company in Manhattan, as a Senior Software Engineer. He is a qualified Computer Engineer with an M.S from Boston University. Schooling and graduation (B.E) are done in Mumbai. He is an avid reader and a fitness freak, hard-working, and well-focused on his career. He is simple yet stylish, down-to-earth, caring, intelligent, helpful, and kind at heart. He is a vegetarian, non-smoker and a teetotaler. Father is an author, mother a homemaker and sister a doctor. We are looking for a life partner with similar core values and who is from a highly cultured and educated family background. Contact: sunil.b.mash@gmail.com


We are a well settled, affluent Gujarati Vaishnav family based in posh area of Mumbai, seeking alliance for our son.
About him - DOB 26/5/1992 fair and handsome with height 5' 9"
Education - Diploma in Plastic engineering ( Bhagubhai Mafatlal polytechnic ), Degree in Mech. Engineering ( MIT Pune )
Profession - Entrepreneur Business of designer lights, furniture & carpets with 2 stores, In Mumbai and Bengaluru.
Sibling - 1 younger sister
We are looking for a suitable smart, educated, passionate, family loving girl.
Kindly write to - tssymarriage@gmail.com


We are a well-educated, cultured, and affluent Gujarati Brahmin family based in Mumbai and San Francisco inviting proposals for our son.
About Him: Born August 1989, 5'11" tall and handsome.
Education: B.E. from DJ Sanghvi; M.S. from UPenn; MBA from Columbia
Profession: Senior Product Manager with Facebook in San Francisco
Residential status: US Citizen
Looking for: Good-looking, well-educated, vegetarian Gujarati girl with strong family values.
Please send biodata to solemnvows4ever@gmail.com


We are well cultured, progressive outlook Vaishnav family based in Pune seeking alliance for our son.
He carries good values, caring, career & family oriented.
DOB: 04-11-1991
Education: B.E.(E&TC) from Pune, CFA(USA), FRM
Profession: Works in EY for Credit-Suisse
About him: Height 5'8" with atheletic physique;fair complexion
Hobbies: Sports, Reading
Issue-less Divorcee (legal matters resolved)
Siblings: 1 elder brother, married and settled in USA.
Parents: Father (C.A.), Mother is home-maker.
We are looking for ambitious, working professional girl.
Kindly contact us at shahsucheta63@gmail.com


We are a well settled and broad minded Dashora Mahajan family native from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Our son is currently working in San Deigo, USA as Software engineer 2.
Born: 20/11/1992.
Height: 5' 4".
Education: Masters in Computer science from Carnegie Mellon University.
He is looking for a life partner who is well-educated, understanding, believes in family values and respects elders, preferably currently working in the USA. Proposals from all Hindu castes are welcome.
Father: M.B.B.S., DVD - Dermatocosmetologist and Laser Surgeon.
Mother : M.B.B.S., MS Gynecologist and Obstetrician.
Please get in touch on shukenadashore@gmail.com . Thank you.


We are from an affluent Mumbai based Gujarati Vaishnav family. Physician parents seeking a match for our son, born on 17-01-1996. He is 5 ft,10”, good looking, well- travelled, a sports enthusiast, working in General Electric (New York).
He has done Masters in engineering from Oxford University (UK) and second Masters in Computer Science from Columbia University (NY). He has US citizenship. He studied (IB) in Dhirubhai Ambani school, (Mumbai). He is humble, down to earth with a good sense of humor. He enjoys listening to podcasts, music, and watching movies. Looking for a well-educated, career oriented girl with high family values and who is kind, warm, caring. Contact : Welcomingdaughterhome@gmail.com


We are a London based Gujarati Jain family looking for a life partner for our son. I was brought up in India, became doctor there and married my husband who comes from Kenya and he is chartered accountant. Both of us are still practicing in London. Our elder daughter born in the UK is a practicing Lawyer. Our son born in July 1986 is a businessman. He has his own company which specialises in consultancy activities relating to horticulture. He lives in his own apartment independently. He lives well with his own independent income. At an early age, he decided that education was not appropriate for him as he wanted to pursue business.He is self taught and self made. His interests are music, travelling, cooking,badminton,yoga,keeping fit and well. His height is 5' 10" and his weight is 74kgs.He is looking for a partner with good family values, kind,considerate,compassionate,out going, with progressive outlook in life and supportive.She will have total freedom to achieve her life goals and ambitions whilst settle in London.She will have full support from whole family. kindly contact on email docajita@gmail.com


I belong to a well-settled Gujarati Vaishnav family staying in Mumbai Suburbs. I am Qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary Currently working in Mumbai as Senior Business Analyst with a NBFC.
Born: 01/09/1991 | Height: 5' 8" | Education: CA, CS, B.Com
I enjoy hanging out, exploring new places, going for movies, watching content and cycling. Looking for understanding, supporting partner with similar wave length who is well focused on career and personal life.
My father was working with (Government PSU), retired in 2021. My mother is a homemaker. I don't have any siblings.
Please reach out at vivekkparikh0109@gmail.com , if you're interested. Thank you.


We are a well cultured and well-educated Gujarati Vaishnav family resided in USA since 2001. We are looking for a Professional Degree holder and family oriented Hindu bride for our Son. He is fair, good looking, slim, caring, family oriented, humble, and well spoken.
Born: March 1990
Height: 5 ft 5 in.
Education: MBA in (Finance)
Profession: Working in Boston, Massachusetts
Contact: shah_devu@yahoo.com


We are a well settled and broad minded Marwari Brahmin family native from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Our son is currently working in New York city , USA as Assistant Vice President in a leading multinational bank and is a H1 B visa holder.
Born: 7/11/1988
Height: 6' 0"
Education: Masters from New York University
Our son loves reading and is an avid traveler. He is looking for a life partner who is well-educated, independent and is currently working in the USA. Proposals from all Hindu castes are welcome.
Father - Retired RAS officer (Rajasthan Administrative Services), last worked as CEO of Shreenathji Temple, Nathdwara.
Sister - Has been in Mumbai since 10 years, recently married to a Gujarati Brahmin settled in South Mumbai.
Please get in touch on piyushnyc2@gmail.com if you're interested. Thank you.


My son is lucky to have studied at Stanford University for his bachelor's and master's. He works as part of senior management at a top US consulting firm.
A US citizen. Divided his life between India and the US. Based in San Francisco, but in India for the next few months. Long term open to both the US and India.
Good looking. 5'10" tall. In great shape. Gujarati. From an educated, cultured family.
Personable and witty. Able to thrive across cultures. Genuine and close to his family.
Vegetarian. Modern outlook. Born 1978. Never married. Looks young.
Looking for someone curious and educated, attractive and active, and generous. Open to people from across communities, from Indian metro cities, North America, and other parts of the world.
Please reach out: monsoon.rain.abc@gmail.com


We are a Gujarati Jain Shwetamber Family looking for a suitable match for our son born on Sep 1984 (Never Married). Our son was born and brought up in Gujarat, India and now living in Chicago area, USA with USA citizen status. Height 5'10 fair and slim. He has completed MBA and currently working in one of the leading Bank in USA as an Analyst. He is simple, down to earth, and family orientated person. He is vegetarian and he doesn’t smoke or drink. We are looking for someone who is cultured, open minded, family orientated, caring, respectful and equal to life partner. Please contact at: hiteshbharti24@yahoo.com


Hi, we are a Gujarati Vaishnav family from Gujarat. Our son is the fourth generation in our family business of Gems and Jewellery and is based in Mumbai. He's had an issueless divorce in 2017. He is December 88’ born, 5'11" in height, fair, good looking with an outgoing personality. He's passionate about his work and travelling. Also enjoys running, exploring different cuisines, spending time with friends and family. Did his schooling in international boarding schools, undergrad from University of Westminster in London and is a Graduate Gemologist. We hope to find someone who is good looking, with similar interests and good core values. Please get in touch on nhsoni0310@gmail.com if you're interested. Thank you


Reputed cultured well established Gujarati Desai( Anavil Bramin) family invites proposals for their son who is born and brought up in Mumbai and residing in the U.S.A since 2016.
Birth Date - 27 -07- 1993, 5'9",
Education -- B.E Information Technology from Mumbai University , Master in Computer Science from Texas (U.S.A), working as Software Engineer, Ohio since last 3years on H1B Visa.
About Him: He is independent, responsible, career-oriented and a humble human being.
Looking for a life partner who has career aspirations, well-read, having exposure and believes in growing together in a loving and caring family person preferably residing in the U.S.A or Indian metro. Contact: kaushik12005@yahoo.com


US Citizen son currently in Mumbai- well educated, ethical. 5'9", Athletic and Fair from affluent family. DOB 25-02-1985. Education: Bachelor in IT, Diplomas in Film, Animation, Visual Effects. He is flexible to live in India/USA and owns his own business that can operate from both countries. His business is known globally in his field and has some of the biggest reputed clients worldwide. We are currently in Mumbai looking for a suitable smart, educated, humble, family oriented potential bride for our son. shri2022mar@gmail.com


Mumbai based cultured , reputed Jain business oriented family invites proposals for their handsome, smart, 1991 born, 5' 7 ", Qualified businessman son . He is innocent issueless divorcee. He is looking for good looking, family loving girl hailing from decent family. Contact: pauravishah27@gmail.com


I am a dentist with an established practice here in Houston , Tx (USA). I am 47 years old, 6 feet tall. I have never been married and have no kids. People would describe me as outgoing, positive, and laid back. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. In my free time, I enjoy traveling and am a huge sports fanatic. I am searching for my better half! I come from a Hindu/Jain background but caste system and origins are completely open and fine with me. Contact: texastoothdoc74@gmail.com


Reputed cultured well established Gujarati Vaishnav Vanik business oriented family invites proposals for their son who is born and brought up in Mumbai and residing in the U.S.A since 2010. 1987 born, 5'5", fit, smart, M.S. Computer Science (U.S.A), Senior Software Engineer. Looking for a smart, well educated girl preferably residing in the U.S.A or Indian metro. Pl write with full biodata with horoscope. Party direct contact email: sjshah412@gmail.com


We are Mumbai based well established Gujarati Vaishnav family. My son is a professionally qualified Chef and he is settled in Toronto, Canada. Currently he is working in a reputed chain of restaurants as a Chef and Operations Head. He is 1993 born and 5'10" ft tall. Good looking with pleasant personality. We are looking for a well educated, smart girl with strong family values, and willing to settle in Toronto, Canada. Interested families may communicate with us on proposals.fm@gmail.com


"We are a 4th generation established & affluent Gujarati vaishnav/Marwari jain family. Originally from South Mumbai, now well settled in Sydney, Australia. Our son born on July 1983, height 5'10" is an investment banker for more than 10 years, BCom/LLB educated from UNSW, chartered accountant & solicitor. We also manage our own businesses & investments. Our son is kind & good hearted, enjoys travel, dining, films/entertainment & current affairs/reading. We are looking for an ambitious, cultured, honest, well-educated Gujarati/Marwari girl from a similar background with good family values who is willing to settle in Australia." contact : np.profiles@gmail.com


We are Canadian Citizens, well educated, cultured, and affluent Gujrati Vaishnav family based in Mumbai and Toronto, Canada. We are inviting proposals for our son.
Born - 09/January/1997
Height - 6'3"
Qualification -
* B.Com., Ryerson University - Accounting
* Master of Accounting and Finance (MAccFin.), University of Toronto
Presently working at PwC, Toronto. We are looking for well educated, smart girl with strong family values, and willing to settle in Canada. For further details: You can reach us at sonal.meswani@hotmail.com


We are Mumbai based well established Gujrati vaishnav family of Doctors. My son is professionally Qualified Plastic Surgeon.
At present working in a reputed Hospital in reconstructive plasic surgery. Heis born on 13/09/1988. height 6 ft tall.
Good looking with pleasent personalty. We invite alliance from a well educated ,intelligent ,goodlooking girls, preferably from Gujarati famalies settled in Mumbai Family is open minded with liberal views. Interested parties may communicate with us on : bavna_vora@hotmail.com


We are a reputed industrialist Gujarati Patel family based in Dubai, looking for a suitable match for our December 1989 born son, who is 5'10" tall.
He holds a Masters degree with Honours in Engineering and a Masters degree with Honours in Management, both from UK Universities. He is managing our various industries independently. He is soft spoken and has a friendly, down to earth personality. His hobbies are badminton, skiing, scuba diving and motor sports.
He is looking for a partner with good education, pleasant personality and active outlook.
Interested families please send biodata to :- wemat3355@gmail.com


We are originally a South Bombay based marwari/gujarati family with base in UAE and Kenya. Looking for a suitable bride for our son born on 26 March 1989. He is 5'11, fair complexion; and completed his Masters in International Commercial Law from the University of Nottingham in the UK. He currently works and lives in Dubai, UAE working as a Senior Legal Associate in a well known law firm. Looking for a well educated and decent looking girl for him with family values; and preferably vegetarian." Direct email id is aom263890@gmail.com


We are Mumbai based Gujrati sthanakvasi Jain well settled family from a business background of imports and trading of office products, seeking for a match for our son born on 2nd June 1991 with height of 5'11" and is actively involved in family business and simultaneously running his own venture of ceramic kitchenware industry and is absolutely broad minded and looking for a well educated, ambitious And open minded girl with family values.
preferably with height of 5'4" and above and mumbai or abroad based..
For further details You can reach us at Brimailbox91@gmail.com


We are a well settled South Mumbai based Gujarati Jain family, looking for a suitable match for our son. We have our own family business of Machine Tools & Accessories since over 60 years. Our son has pursued his Bachelors in Finance and Accounting and is currently managing our family business.
Born on 22 April 1989, our son is 5'11" tall. He is humble, caring and family oriented. We are looking for a Gujarati/Marwari Jain girl with a pleasant personality for our son. She should be well educated, independent and family oriented.
Interested families please connect with us on ronak.biodata@gmail.com


I am from Mumbai based affluent and modern Gujarati Vaishnav family. I am 1960 born Widower, lost my wife in April, 2021, Now living alone in Kandivali, having 1 - 34 year old Son, married and living in Dubai. My height is 165cms and weight is 68kgs. I am B.Com. from Mumbai University and currently working in Mumbai based Pvt. Company as Executive Director. I am looking for suitable Gujarati partner, preferably Gujarati Vaishnav and believer in Pushtiya Marg. Widow/Divorcee, if having children than, they should be well settled, No liability on me. She should be caring, humble, fun-loving and able to look after home. Contact me on: pass123.1960@gmail.com


We are a Mumbai based, very well settled and affluent business family. We are Kutchi Jain and have business interests in manufacturing and property investments. Our company is a very well known and reputed brand. We have a healthy mix of west and traditional values and look forward to a suitable alliance for our son.
Birth Date: 08.06.1989. Height: 5.9". Education: Mechanical engineering from Mumbai, Masters in Business specialist ( Marketing and Acquisition) from London, UK.
About Him: He is independent, responsible, career-oriented and a humble human being. He is working in the family business as Director, He is responsible for taking our company successfully internationally. He is very well-travelled, high on family values. He is tall and well built. Looking for a life partner who has career aspirations, well-read, having exposure and believes in growing together in a loving and caring family . Alliance invited from Kutchhi Jain / Gujarati Jain / Vaisnav families. For futher details you can contact us at hnsa0091@gmail.com


We are well settled Mumbai based Gujarati Jain family having our own family business since 60 years into diamonds and jewellery manufacturing , import and export and Financial Market.
Our Son has pursued Bcom from Narsee Monjee College (N.M.) and Masters in International Business and Management from Westminster University from London. He has joint his family business since 2016. He was born in 21 march 1993 and 5.7 Height. He is social person,humble, caring, understanding, broad minded, outgoing and family oriented.
We are looking for Gujarati girl who is educated, open minded, pleasant personality, mixed up, socialized person and cultured family.
If Interested families they can share the biodata on shreyshah21@gmail.com


We are a South Mumbai based, well cultured, business oriented and progressive family, looking for a suitable match for our son.
Birthdate: 27th December, 1994
Education: Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science in Finance (MSF) - Dual Track, Boston College
Profession: Business Data Analyst, Cisco Systems contracted by Zensar Technologies, San Jose, CA (Will be joining the family Business - Securities; Raheja Chambers, Nariman Point)
About him: He is an independent, ambitious, open-minded and self- aware man who enjoys hiking, cooking and watching movies.
Seeking: We are looking for an intelligent, well-educated, good-looking girl from a cultured family.
Interested families please write to us on: rp1994ok@gmail.com


We belong to an affluent, nuclear and fairly liberal Gujarati family residing in Ghatkopar E, Mumbai.
Born - 26th January 1995
Height - 5' 10" inches
Appearance -Fair, Medium Built
Our son possesses a Master's Degree in Supply Chain Management from Monash University. Melbourne, Australia. While Foundation & Grad completed from Podar College, Matunga.
He is well experienced and currently managing our family owned business of Packaging & Printing.
Likes being with genuine people with a progressive mind-set.
Hobbies include travelling, staying fit, cooking, Badminton, swimming & watching Formula 1.
We are looking for a fairly sophisticated, smart and a simple girl who is well educated, elegant and believes in a mix of traditional and modern values.
A well cultured Gujarati family is ideal. Interested families can contact us at nitinvisa57@gmail.com


We are a Kutchi-Gujarati (Vaishnav) family living in Mumbai and are seeking an alliance for our Son. He is 5'10", born on 12th September, 1987, is good looking and chivalrous. He has gained great exposure having done his IB Diploma, Undergraduate Degree from Purdue University in the US, and his MBA from AUT, New Zealand. The Family is involved in the Business of Hospitality, Construction and he is heading the Online Education company that is part of the family business. He is an Ambivert and enjoys his quiet time at home as well as the company of friends. He is looking for someone who is intelligent, attractive, driven with a pleasant personality. To exchange biodatas and discuss further please e mail us on jagdishmchandan@gmail.com


We are Mumbai -Borivali based,well settled Business Oriented educated Gujarati Brahmin family looking for suitable match for our son Born on 3rd March 1994,He is 5'4 " - 60kg ,slim ,fair complexion.
He has Done Bechelors of Engg - EXTC at Mukesh Patel MUMBAI NMIMS University and MASTERS IN SCIENCE - ELECTRICAL ENGG at MISSOURI S&T USA
Recently working at ST.LOUIS , MISSOURI STATE as Firmware Engg ., on H1B VISA
We are looking for cultured, family loving, Liberal, Smart ,career oriented ,Progessive thinking ,Pure Vegetarian girl hailing from HINDU - BRAHMIN / VAISHAV / JAIN . Contact on Email id - gayatrijraval@gmail.com


California based Brahmin family seeking a suitable partner for our fair, handsome, 41 year old son, working as a software engineer with a fortune 500 MNC for past 15 years. He enjoys travelling, sports, music and movies. He is vegetarian, non smoking and teetotaler with a good blend of modern living as well as traditional values. Issue-less Divorcee with all legal matters resolved.
Seeking proposals from cultured, educated girl who shares the same values as him. Please contact on : suchitansharma@gmail.com

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